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About Game One

Who we are and what we do

We are a game developer and marketeer

As an experienced game developer and marketing company, we provide below services:

  • Games development
  • Games publishing and marketing
  • All in one game platform
  • Marketing consultation and solution

At Game One, we're dedicated to building games that explore new concepts while at the same time providing solution for others developers within the gaming industry.

What We Best At

Archwar is our most anticipated mobile game that is released for both Android and iOS.

  • 01 What is Archwar?

    Archwar is a free to play 3V3 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game with a complex gameplay that requires players to use the skill during the battle instead of just tapping the button.

  • In Archwar, players are required to actually master a skill or technique to become the best instead of solely depend on characters's skins and abilities. Archwar also has multiple playing modes for player to choose, with different game objective. This let players to enjoy different kinds of gameplay environment within one game.

  • In Archwars, players will be able to collect different kinds of characters called Heroes and Demons with different sets of abilities. Players also able to collect or buy in-game skins and outfits to customise your characters. All these combined with players' skill during the battle will determine who is the best among the best.

Other Games From Us

Pocket Bot Arena

Action game

In 2154, a new form of no-holds-barred fighting is born among the deep space asteroid pocket miners. The miners waged battle in the giant mechanical robots that were used to dig and carry the precious raw minerals.

The Arbalest Mining Corporation, working with the New Unautomated Galactic Goverment, establishes a series of leagues and steel breaking public exhibitions. The fight's popularity grew with their brutality. Soon, the Corporations discovered that the public matches were their most profitable enterprise. The Star League Circuit was formed; a cabal of the most skillful and diverse robot pilots known in space,were selected to fight in a Grand Tournament.

Now it is 2188, 34 years have passed since founding of the Battle Arena. Profits from the Tournament number in the thousands of billions. You are a new pilot looking to make your name in the circuits and battle your way to the top of the professional leagues. Your craft and tactics honed from young will aid you greatly.

Rimba Racer Rush

Endless racing game

Rimba Racer Rush is an endless racer based on the hit animation Rimba Racer by Glue Studios. Tune in to the game and experience the fast car chases and narrow escapes while playing as Tag, the hero of the series.

Brave the trap laden tracks of the Rimba Grand Prix and find out if you're both made of the stuff of legends. Enter the race and help Tag upgrade his legendary vehicle, The Ripper to greater heights. Race your way to fame and glory.

As the newcomer in the competition, Tag's going to have it rough, especially from his rival, Axel. Well, all the more reason to rumble because our street racing prodigy is determined to make a name for himself by clinching the Rimba Grand Prix title.

The 9th Gate

First Person Horror Adventure

The 9th Gate is a survival horror game set in modern times where you play as a spirit medium who must rescue the soul of a young girl that has been trapped by nether forces.

To do so, you must search for objects that have a spiritual connection with the girl and use them to draw her soul back into the realm of the living. This will however weaken the barrier that separates the living and the dead and as a result free other angry and malevolent spirits. You have only the span of a single night to complete the ritual and retrieve the girl's soul or risk losing her forever.

In this game, you'll:

  • be challenged by random but calculated spooky encounters
  • hone your sense of observation to locate the necessary objects
  • hone your sense of observation to locate the necessary objects
  • sneak stealthily in the dark to avoid detection
  • use your wits and reflexes to evade capture by the various ghostly entities
  • collect charms and jade stones to recover lost courage and ward against evil
  • explore a large haunted apartment that was the site of many tragedies

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